Political Correctness!

This is 2007 and another year of suppressing freedom of speech. Well not for me, I was born half way through the 20th century and was brought up in a Britain where people could speak their minds. Government legislation that is bent on muffling the right to speak your mind, smacks of Stalinism, Maoism or the Third Reich. My personal campaign is to rid myself of the brainwashing I have been subjected to, namely this bullshit PC nonsense, I am sick of idiots saying to me “that is not PC”, when I have an objection to something. Enough is enough I don’t support very much at the moment, I don’t want to be part of a Europe that means we are invaded by every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to live here because they have joined the EU.

That’s my daily rant over with, more to come. So this is my second New Years resolution, I will not be intimidated by the fascist PC brigade, if I don’t agree with something then I uphold the right to disagree and state my point of view without being labelled as being politically incorrect.

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