BBC and News agency’s

It appears to me that news only lasts until another story about, war, disease, the latest serial killer becomes the flavour of the month. Whatever happened to Robert Mugabe?, is he dead or still murdering people, the Norwich murders seems to have been buried along with the unfortunate victims.Last year we were threatened with millions being killed with “Bird Flu”, the biggest threat to society since the plague. I don’t know anyone that has even sneezed from this pandemic.

When the Tornado hit Kensal Rise, I went down there with my camera to find out about this phenomena and record some images for Brent Today website, I couldn’t get near the zone as a result of TV crews from Sky, ITN, BBC, Channel 4 and the rest being four deep behind the police cordons. What happened to the follow up?, the cost of reporting these events every 15 mins as the BBC seem to claim, must be astronomical, “we bring you updated news every 15 minutes” means absolutely nothing.

Listening to the BBC right this very minute, they are talking about China having to improve it’s human rights record. I was in China in 1969 and the world was telling Chairman Mao exactly the same crap, didn’t do any good did it.

If the news agency’s report something one minute and drop it the next (as I am listening to the news the BBC are saying that Diana’s death was a tragic accident), I heard that 7 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago six months ago, 3 weeks ago and today. Now I am listening to Sony selling 1 million play stations but they can’t keep up with demand, Wow! Sh*t, I won’t be able to sleep knowing that information, that’s terrible news. It’s about time the BBC told the real story, litter on Kilburn High Rd is still knee deep despite promises from Sarah Teather.

That’s the end of my daily rant. Got to turn off BBC 24 news before I launch the telly through the window.

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