Dodgy Mobile Phone Companies

What a week I have had trying to get some sense out of that joke of a company, ‘Carphone Warehouse’ part and parcel of that internet provider ‘Joke Joke’ sorry meant Talk Talk.

I have one mobile phone that is hardly used, in fact it is used only for incoming calls. I had a contract on the phone and decided to change it topay as you go saving quite a monthly sum. When I did this Carphone Warehouse called me up and said that as a valued customer they would give me an 18 month contract at £5:99 per month and a few free minutes.

All is well until 22 months later, I check my bank statements and find that my previous 4 months with Carphone had risen to £20:99 per month. I called the company and asked them what was going on? I was informed that my contract was a special offer and after 18 months it reverted to a £20:99 per month account. I did ask them why they hadn’t informed me of this unexpected increase, after all I was going off their web statements.

“Will I be disconnected automatically?

You won’t be automatically disconnected when your contract ends unless you ask to leave. Your phone will keep working, and your network will carry on charging you the same amount of line rental each month for the same amount of inclusive minutes and texts.”{efa2aea0-e8be-11de-da00-000000000000}

Well they decided to ignore the above and kept avoiding the question, about my contract ending and their statement  that “my network will continue to charge the same amount.” Well I have not been able to resolve this issue yet and am thoroughly disgusted with this mickey mouse outfit. The downright misleading information on their website and to have a switchboard attendant deal with your query while asking someone behind her what to say is annoying. I switched to Virgin Mobile as a result of this and my good lady transferred her Broadband back to Sky from Talk Talk (on the cards anyway as the service was appalling).

The moral of the story is – if dealing with Carphone Warehouse, make sure you cancel your contract as you take it out, because if it is a special offer they will up the price without informing you. If you decide to complain you will get a total negative response, as if by divine right they can change pricing without your consent and refuse to discuss any refunds.

My opinion of Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk?  they are the sort of company that is dragging this country to it’s knees, greedy, unscrupulous tossers, that don’t give a monkees about customer service, no better than petty thieves . They get you to take out a contract for quite a lengthy period and will not inform you when it is ending, if you are on special offer they then will quadruple your line rental and hope you are like me, only checks their bank statements every few months. Even if you discover it after the first month, you will still have to pay the inflated prices before you can cancel or seek a cheaper deal.

Hope this little blog, warns people against this kind of dodgy dealing and deters you from companies like this one. Check out other companies because Talk Talk and Carphone are the pits.

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