House of Crooks and Vagabonds

Good morning world.

Oh dear! Ricky Gervais makes a tit of himself at the Golden Bollocks awards. I think when he wrote ‘The Office‘ and created David Brent, he was probably personifying himself.

What about the British Politicians though, they are something else, ‘Lord Taylor of Warwick’ what a piece of dog turd that guy is.
He claims through his QC, that he thought is was OK to fiddle expenses because his fellow peers said so.

Peer’s relative ‘angry’ over claims     18 Jan 2011

Robert Taylor, half nephew of Lord Taylor of Warwick, told a jury at Southwark Crown Court: “I was shocked, I was quite angry, actually, because I had always wondered why he had been quite so friendly, because we didn’t on the face of it have a lot in common.

“At the point where we were being doorstepped by the media, I suddenly realised that maybe his wasn’t actually a real friendship at all.”

The week before ‘Lord Taylor’ appeared before the ‘Beak’, we had MP Eric Illsleyup in court for fiddling £14k, he said he ‘deeply, deeply’ regretted his actions and would be resigning before his sentencing next month.

You can be sure he regrets it, now he has been rumbled and he faces a couple of years in the ‘clink’ might even share a cell with his colleague the right dishonourable MP David Chaytor who is serving 18 months for stealing taxpayers money. I think it’s about time the politicians were treated like normal members of society and held to account for lying and back-tracking on their promises.

Instead of being questioned by their old school chums and fellow rogues, they should be answerable to a committee of selected individuals from normal society. A nurse, a teacher an engineer etc. Any ill-gotten gains they have acquired should be seized by the courts and repossessed, property and assets forfeited and ploughed back into the community.

Britain is run by banana republic caricatures nowadays it seems, making us a laughing stock  in the eyes of the rest of the world. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a statesman as an elected leader, one with integrity and the good of the country and it’s people  as is number one priority.

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