Peace and Tranquillity

I love peace and tranquillity, flowing streams, the sea, green fields and friendly people. When I was I boy I had a vision, hippy induced that I would live in a place where the world was at one with itself, surrounded by animals and humans that said good morning have a good day (not the cats and dogs the humans).

I spend lots of time in Twickenham and it is strange to feel secure and safe, everywhere you go there are policeman on the streets and CCTV cameras in abundance. People say hello, how are you, it is therapeutic and I never want to leave.

This evening I returned to Cricklewood and the insecurity returned, I can’t be assed to make an effort to say hello, I may be paranoid but I don’t think this is a friendly place, nobody gives way in traffic and the shopkeepers never smile or say thank you, there is an overwhelming ambiance of despair and greed, no community spirit or common goal. Sometime soon I will leave the area for good it is not a nice place to be.

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