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A wine rated among the finest in the world is to be sold by the glass for the first time in London.

The highly prized Chateau d’Yquem, known as “the king of wines”, will be available for £29 for a 100ml glass at Soho restaurant Bob Bob Ricard.

A 50ml “super sip” measure of the Sauternes pudding wine will also be on the wine list at £14.50.

Co-owner Leonid Shutov claimed it was the first time that Chateau d’Yquem, a favourite with City bankers, has been accessible at an affordable price. He said: “A lot of people would rather spend £30 on a really amazing glass of wine like this than £30 on a bottle of plonk.”


I don’t spend a great deal of time eating out nor drink very much wine, I used to drink quite a lot but nowadays am teetotal, my last regular work was paid at £25k per annum, I would have to really push the boat out to dine somewhere with a lady, plying her with glasses of  ‘Chateau d’Yquem’, would it be worth it I ask myself, knowing that I would probably have to stay indoors the following week because of my reckless abandon.

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