Brent a Cutural Wasteland.

Kilburn Library

My purpose was to take a look at the Kilburn Library Centre and Kilburn Market, I am updating my website Brent Today and it is places of culture and interest that I am concentrating on. I was quite interested to know that Camden Council had developed this building into a Library and Youth Centre.

I passed the building on the day it is closed so I was unable to have a look around. In these days of cost cutting, community services and libraries in particular are facing the axe, it is good to know that a centre that serves the community is active and busy.


Later on my return journey I passed by ‘The Luminaire’ music venue – it is next door to Brondesbury Station or it was. I have supported this venue over the last few years via my website, and was dismayed to see it had closed it’s doors. The disappointment at it’s closure is to do with my overall opinion that Brent Borough is now a cultural wasteland. I think that the ‘Luminaire’ was the last of the medium sized music venues open in the borough, the rest have gone, closed or moved on. There is of course Wembley Arena, I don’t really class that as a Brent Community Venue, it’s aims are to attract people that live further afield than North West London.

Luminaire - Closed DownWith Brent Councils plans to start cutting out the smaller community libraries and close Willesden Library while it is developed into a new centre minus anywhere to park. I wonder where in this borough of over a quarter of a million souls is there anything of Culture to grab our interest, of course we have the Tricycle and long may it live. Maybe Brent residents can descend en-mass to experience a night of cultural experience split between the tricycle Theatre and Cinema.

So to all the visitors and would be visitors to Brent, North West London, claimed by some to be the Multi-Cultural capital of Europe, don’t be too disheartened by what you find when you arrive here.  It might be a borough devoid of culture,  but you can lay claim to have visited the  ‘Largest Cultural Wasteland’ in the Western Hemisphere.

Come to think of it we don’t even have a football team, apologies to Kingsbury Town.

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3 Responses to Brent a Cutural Wasteland.

  1. Brentbookblog says:

    check out our blog to see all the latest up and coming events and when a famous Radio3 Presenter will be visiting Willesden Green Library to talk about his latest book!

  2. Alisanos says:

    Thank you for the information, I visited

    I have been out of touch with Brent for the last 6 months and only arrived back this week. I have much updating to do. This blog has been gathering dust for too long.

    I have noted the date for Willesden Library and will probably be there. So much been going on at the Arts Centre over the last few months, appears to be gaining momentum recently. Lots of interesting events and exhibitions.

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