Recovery Underway.

Not been all that inclined to write lately, lots going on in my head but seemed to have lost my focus and motivation. Not that I have had very much motivation for anything these last few years, I am quite adept at doing nothing apart from time wasting pursuits, I have become quite the expert at computer games.

I was struck with an unexpected illness that incapacitated me for almost a year. I will go into details of the dreaded illness at a later date but believe me it was nasty and horrible. Hospitals are the strangest of places, bewildering and quite scary with what appears to be total non-communication between the various professionals and NHS persons that poke, prod and generally disturb your space every 15 minutes – 24 hours a day.

I sailed the world on this Ship

For just under a year I stayed with friends until I was back to health, I turned off the internet and other costly things at my home during the incapacity as I wasn’t sure I would be returning home. I have just started to prepare to move back to NW London, first things needed are a spring clean of my flat and reconnecting the phone and the moving back of computers and many other things I moved out.

Not having the internet there currently, I have had to look for a provider. How the world changes in just 12 months, maybe I didn’t notice before but it seems that all the smaller internet providers have gone, taken over and swallowed up by the giants. Whatever happened to Pipex, Tiscali, Bulldog and lots more that have disappeared? The number of providers now have dwindled to about half a dozen large, non-specialist (BT excluded) companies intent on signing you up for 12-18 months, regardless of service.

It’s a choice between massive companies that all seem to have shocking customer service reviews. Sky Broadband, Talk Talk, Tesco, BT (and their offspring Plusnet), Virgin and Orange, I suddenly feel sick. Where have all the little people gone? I have had to pick one from the list that I found through search engines and decided on SKY, I regret this already, it isn’t connected yet but during the ordering process the order was messed up and I had to ring their help line which was a disaster, I was confronted by a support team that did not have a clue about anything, I feel like crying. These people could seriously damage your faith in there being  intelligent life on the planet.

This current choice of services to use the Internet is for me ‘Hobson’s Choice’.  I would not consider any of them as they are all bad providers and to be avoided if you require decent customer service. Such is the situation, real choice isn’t an option any-more, the big corporations take over all the independent companies and remove the option of finding an ISP company that is small enough to be user friendly.

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