What a week?

Or is it two weeks, am I really living in the UK, England, London or some fucked up country. I have suddenly adopted some sort of self righteous attitude, are the government really bent and corrupt? my feelings are yes they are, are the Muslims really trying to blow us up, my feelings are that they hate us and do not wish to integrate, in fact they can’t stand us, have the transport costs gone out of control, my feelings are yes they have, I paid £6.60 the other day to go to Tottenham Court RD and back.

Why have the Olympic costs tripled in a year, am I stupid for being pissed of by all this nonsense, my feelings are no I am not stupid, just poor, without a voice to protest against this squandering of taxpayers money, who the fuck can I blame it on, The Wanker of a Mayor, he is definitely a contender, I am looking for a scapegoat, my dad perhaps, he was a fascist, maybe retribution time, Winston Churchill for being politically incorrect, why is the town hall called Mahatma Ghandi House, what the fuck did that useless piece of shit ever do for London.

Come on terrorists give it your best shot, but please fuck off back where you belong.

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