London Mayoral Elections

Ken or Boris?

Judging by the News in London there are only two candidates available. Well that’s a shame because I won’t be voting for either of them, If you believe Boris, then Ken is a “******* Liar” – Casualties of War, and according to Ken, Boris is Steak Tartare.

Neasden Temple

For me Boris doesn’t really inspire me to vote for him, many things he does wrong, giving contracts for Bikes for Hire to Canadian Firm instead of British Company, scrapping police on the beat, and for just being another Eton spoilt brat, out of touch with the real world, that’s enough to put me off Boris.

Ken, different story, he was the MP for Brent East when I lived there, didn’t like the way he put the world stage before the constituency. Same story when he was Mayor – jetting all over the place, Cuba etc, promoting himself. He is also pretty good at inviting controversial characters to London, dodgy clerics Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. What really bugs me about Ken though goes way back, when my girlfriend worked for the GLC, the day it closed down (County Hall), was like a city in the midst of riots and looting.

There were vans filling up with with office equipment and all the furniture of County Hall being looted by GLC staff, I know I saw it with my own eyes, stealing and thieving, a very well planned closing of the GLC, where was Ken when this was happening?

Also – Ken tells lies about his taxes.

The Strand

It’s about Housing and transport for me, immigration and policing. Neither of the above two have done anything significant about those issues while they had their tenures. The rest of the candidates, are not likely to end up as Mayor but one of them will get my vote over the main two, not sure which yet, perhaps UKIP, as the Borough of Brent is now completely overrun with immigrants and someone needs to deal with the border controls, as far as I can see, London has run out of housing, school places and jobs, crime is a problem and transport is far too expensive.

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