Footballers charged with burglary

Two Championship footballers have been charged with burglary in connection with the theft of items from a Portsmouth nightclub.

Southampton Football Club striker Bradley Wright-Phillips, 23, and winger Nathan Dyer, 20, will appear before Portsmouth magistrates on 8 July”.

Not much hope of getting away with this as they were caught on CCTV. The young football superstars who flaunt their wealth in peoples faces, go buy flash cars and demand incredible wages from football clubs, without showing any loyalty to anyone. Don’t know about you, but I find them the most obnoxious group of people on the planet along with talentless celebrities.

My verdict send them to prison for two years, Southampton FC should sack them immediately and the Football Association should give them a 5 year ban from the game.

On the bright side, MPs were today revealed to be asking for a 21 per cent pay rise – worth £13,180.
Their demand caused outrage on a day the economy fell deeper into crisis, with inflation bursting its official ceiling to hit 3.3 per cent.

Well what do you know, us peasants have to stick to the rules when it comes to pay rises ask the firemen and nurses, yet MPs can have a vote on their pay on July 3, opting for an increase that makes a joke of their pay rise policies for the rest of the nation.

Not much about Brent today, can’t see anything happening though as I stare vacantly through the window.

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