Bankers v Natural Disasters

I watched a TV programme the other night about what would happen if London was breached by the sea. The catastrophic results, similar to the New Orleans flooding would wipe out the Tube system for weeks if not months and cause unimaginable chaos.

What I found interesting was the enormous cost this act of nature would burden the people of this Island with – 50 Billion quid.

Now my point is, the Banking system of this country is costing us more than a catastrophic disaster of gigantic proportions could.

In my opinion the Bankers of this country that are partly to blame for this countries current crisis, should never be allowed to work with money again, they should be put on the ‘Money Offenders List’ and only be allowed to work in jobs that dealing with money was not a requirement.

Also if those same bankers who are responsible for the hardship and troubles the British people have now to suffer, caused solely by the incompetence and greed of those money men entrusted to guard this countries assets, have the nerve to take bonuses from the bail outs given by the taxpayer to save their asses, they should be locked away in Prison for a very long time along with the other thieves, robbers and worthless scum that inhabit this planet.

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