Welcome back me…..

I have been absent for ages and ages, mainly because of my amateur geek status. I have to administer my forum as well as this blog, the forum is at:


Well administering a forum is ok, when it’s just editing abusive comments. It’s a different ball game when you get invaded by spammers and bots, sometimes 50 a day, registering and posting links to ‘Viagra and porn sites’. It’s then that amateur geeks like me get very stressed and bewildered, especially when I look for support and am told (by real proper geeks) to do this and that to the php coding, then I despair and pack it all in.

So that is what happened to me, I had to close the forum for nearly a year, because I was failing miserably to control this invasion of cyber bandits taking over my forum. It was very disturbing, I mean what the hell do they gain from it, exposure of zero on the forum as I was continually banning them and deleting their spam.

Now I am happy to say I defeated the bastards and updated security and tackled the problem, only took about 8 months to master the techniques. Now it’s time to start on this blog, since I have been absent, about three new versions have been made available and I need to install the latest one, the bad news is I just read the upgrade information and I am baffled again.

Oh well, I will take it slowly and read it 25 times, then maybe my feeble geeky mind might grasp the complexities of ‘MySQL’ and databases.

I would love to be a proper geek someday, it would certainly save me lots of hours scratching my head.

Bye for now.

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