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I think I have become an unwavering cynic in recent years. What happened to the political statesmen that used to be a part of all political parties? The current crop of politicians appear to be of the manufactured type, created in a ‘School for Politicians’, Gordon Brown excluded of course who probably learned his vocation at the ‘Circus Performers Academy’.

I have had a number of leaflets littering my doormat in the last few weeks, delivered in envelopes without a postage stamp and addressed to me. All these envelopes contained similar messages, pointing out the misdeeds of the opposition and how untrustworthy the other camp had proved to be in the expenses scandal. Mainly misinformation, nothing of value, nothing dealing with important issues, the ever spiralling debt problem and increasing flood of immigrants and asylum seekers that have overun the area I live in.

My problem with choosing where to place my ‘X’ on the ballot paper is I cannot really see one candidate that has any special qualities. Nothing that inspires trust or confidence in me to rush out and be happy in the knowledge, that whoever gets my vote will be working to better my future and that of the country.

The media don’t help in matters either, since the date of the election was announced, TV channels have been completely taken over by experts and highly paid guests, giving us a run down on how the personalities of the leaders of parties are affecting the polls. I might be missing something in these many interviews and opinions but I don’t see anyone actually telling us how they are going to get this country out of the shit.

Where are the manifestos and strategies for getting this country stable and moving in a manner that inspires the population?, where is the political leader who is somewhat different than the opposition, who could make us believe that the country is now going to be in safe hands. That is not happening in my blinkered view, instead I see a bunch of lily-livered careerists whose only interest is in self-interest and gaining power for self-advancement.

I do hope that someday this country will get a great statesman as a leader, someone that demands respect not only from the population of the UK but from the rest of the planet, surely to put yourself forward as a candidate to lead a nation such as Britain then you should be a person somewhat above the ordinary, a person with dignity, morals and the leaderships qualities to get this country back on track and out of the hands of the global bankers and parasites that are bleeding this nation dry. Someone that tells us that this country is going to change and we as a nation will no longer be a puppet for manipulators of world affairs and global control.

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