Dealing With Cancer (Part 2)

This is the second part of the story about my experience of cancer.

That’s me in Heaven

The months from September 2011 to February 2012, were spent trying to regain weight and strength. This wasn’t easy as the only way I could feed was through a tube in my stomach and slowly small amounts orally. In January the Consultant told me that the tumour had disappeared and things were looking good. I has able to swallow and things were looking up.

I was eating small amounts of soft food so the stomach tube was removed. Over the next two months eating began to return to normal and I started to regain the pounds. Overall my health was low and I was very weak but I could go for walks and I knew I had survived the cancer and the ordeal of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There were a few complications, blood counts, hearing problems and hair loss.

It is now a full year since I finished the treatment and the cancer is nowhere to be seen, I feel so very lucky that I am alive, a second bite at the cherry. I no longer take my life for granted, I feel it is a gift, something that is so very special, the ability to be able to breathe, smell, see and marvel at the spectacle that is the planet we live on. Almost like a rebirth, thankful to be alive.

When I was younger I used to look at the stars and see the beauty of life, the mountains and rivers, the sound of the ocean, nature and flowers. We have everything that is needed to sustain life on this planet, the food we need grows freely and wild, we live in the Garden of Eden. Yet we don’t appreciate it, for some reason we have made living so complicated and difficult for each other.

The gift of life is a blessing, you are born and you will die and in between is something so special, don’t waste it, the greed and corruption that causes suffering on this planet is man-made, in each human being is a place of beauty and goodness, look inside and you will find it. This feeling is there at the beginning of your awareness of life, but as the complications of living come with development, you lose the closeness with nature and your natural consciousness, it is replaced with conditioning and indoctrination, you almost forget your alive.

For anyone who develops cancer and has to undergo the treatment, no matter how uncomfortable the treatment becomes, there is always hope, don’t give up and you can overcome the disease. At first when you are told you have cancer it comes as a shock, for your friends and family as well. We humans are pretty tough beings and even through the most ghastly of the treatments you have to undergo, there are good moments and plenty of periods when life isn’t so bad after all , so persevere and all can turn out well.

That’s it for now, god bless and may your life be all you want it to be.

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