TFL takes over from Tube Lines

Richmond by the River

I am pleased about this piece of news regarding the take over by TfL from Tube Lines, having personally suffered for many a month because of weekend closures of the Jubilee Line and disruptions on the overground when travelling across London.

Quite often I travel between Twickenham and Brent at weekends and used to use public transport combinations. The most scenic and cheapest option for me would be a  journey combining Jubilee Line, Overground from Brondesbury to Richmond and then using SW trains for one stop to Twickenham. This used to be a pleasant journey and one that I enjoyed, that is until the maintenance disrupted uncounted journeys making travelling by these routes impossible,  constant weekend disruptions on the Jubilee and the overground railway made the journey  a non-viable option. The only option open to me was was the car, the North Circular, Chiswick roundabout and with a good run 40 mins after setting off I had arrived.

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Boris Johnson today pledged to slash the number of disruptive evening and weekend closures on the Tube after securing a deal to bring some of the busiest Underground lines back under state control.

I congratulate Boris on making this happen and reversing a Brown failed initiative into one that will benefit the users of the London Transport systems.

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