Give the Youngsters Jobs (contd…)

Friday 12th October.

Took a while to get back on topic, such is the world today, distractions and diversions.

What can be done about this appalling situation when the youth of the country are thrown into the ‘World of Work’ with competition so fierce for jobs that it leaves a large percentage of aspirants jobless and without any employment prospects on the horizon.

Wemblet _Sept_2012

Wembley – Sept 2012

The elected government needs to stop farting about with ridiculous attacks on the ‘lazy’ youth, threatening to make them live with parents, abolishing housing benefit to those under 25. The fault of the economic state of this country has nothing to do with the young people, the blame lies solely with the incompetent politicians, and financiers who have been in control of this country for the past 30 years.

Why on earth should the workers of this country along with the people on the dole, and the young unemployed have to forsake pay increases, put up with inflated prices, compete for jobs and housing with immigrants from all over the world. There is very little growth or any positive ideas in place to turn around this countries decline into one of rebuilding and strengthening our nation and society. All I hear from this absolutely useless government are meaningless statements and false promises, it appears that everything they do ends up a farce or a disaster. One current example is the ‘West Coast Train fiasco‘, another £40 million of tax payers money lost because of incompetents.

Continued tomorrow……

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