Give the Youngsters Jobs (Part 3..)

I tried to get a watch fixed this week, an average priced watch, or maybe above average price. It needs a chain putting on the strap, it falls off now and again and my friend is worried she will lose it. A small strap safety chain would make the watch secure.

Wembley Development

The Monstrosity called ‘Wembley City’

It is almost impossible to find a craftsman jeweller, such shops are becoming a thing of the past in this day of out of control consumerism. With the majority of products we use being made in Asia and China, home-grown skills are disappearing.

This country needs to shut the door on imports of Chinese goods and get back to making our own, we need to re-nationalise, water, electricity, gas and railways this is important because they are the necessities for people in a civilised society, heating, transport and water. Not forgetting food – this should be regulated strictly and high street shops should be encouraged to offer crafting and skills.

What is all this to do with young unemployed you might ask – well it has everything to do with employment, we need to close down companies that are outsourcing jobs to other countries, BT for example, they make massive amounts of money for shareholders from people of this country, so they must employ people from this country who make them profits. On second thoughts nationalize telecommunications.

Wembley High St

Cosmopolitan Wembley

Supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Tesco need to plough their profits back into the community by offering jobs that pay a livable wage, not a pittance just above minimum wage. In Willesden Green, Sainsburys have opened a small store opposite the station, they already have a mega store 300 yards away. This puts smaller businesses out of contention. Now they have decided they don’t need check-out staff and machines will do.

Where is the government while this is happening, is it good for society to have massive supermarkets – monopolise high streets, substitute machines for workers? These company’s exploit and then up the price of everything making food almost unaffordable, besides that they sell crap, the ‘fresh fruit’ is disgusting and almost inedible.

These money-making enterprises need to be reigned in, the profits ploughed back into the community that makes them rich, jobs should be created and the pay should be in line with the average wage. The youth of society should be trained in skills and apprenticeships, crafts and trades. Companies that don’t wish to contribute to the community by sharing the profits by putting back into the community should not be allowed to trade. The obscene amounts of money made by Centrica, EDF etc., need to be frozen and all bills should be reduced by 25% immediately, the government should employ energy experts on normal salaries to sort out the distribution of supplies and take back the supplies into public ownership, our water belongs to us. The amounts of profit can start to be used for the benefit of the people of this country.

To be continued…

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