Hello and welcome to the site.

I come here to spout a little when I have some spare time. This Blog is really an extension of my website and forum,  you can see both of the sites by following this link to the forum, the website is here on this link. Alternatively you can reply to the blog.

Please feel free to comment, if it’s spam it won’t be published if it’s a comment relative to the blog and free from abuse, I will be happy to publish your reply. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Alisanos says:

    This is a new site and part of the Todays London sites.

    I am unfamiliar with WordPress so I will be getting my head around the layout when I can get the time.


    Edit: 20 Jan 2011.

    After months of inactivity both on this blog and on my website, I have decided (New Years Resolution), to be active, industrious and productive. In other words, I am no longer going to be a lazy ass, computer game playing layabout.

    Check out my other developing web projects.

    Forum: Link to forum

    Website: Link to Website

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