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Good morning world.

Oh dear! Ricky Gervais makes a tit of himself at the Golden Bollocks awards. I think when he wrote ‘The Office‘ and created David Brent, he was probably personifying himself.

What about the British Politicians though, they are something else, ‘Lord Taylor of Warwick’ what a piece of dog turd that guy is.
He claims through his QC, that he thought is was OK to fiddle expenses because his fellow peers said so.

Peer’s relative ‘angry’ over claims     18 Jan 2011

Robert Taylor, half nephew of Lord Taylor of Warwick, told a jury at Southwark Crown Court: “I was shocked, I was quite angry, actually, because I had always wondered why he had been quite so friendly, because we didn’t on the face of it have a lot in common.

“At the point where we were being doorstepped by the media, I suddenly realised that maybe his wasn’t actually a real friendship at all.”

The week before ‘Lord Taylor’ appeared before the ‘Beak’, we had MP Eric Illsleyup in court for fiddling £14k, he said he ‘deeply, deeply’ regretted his actions and would be resigning before his sentencing next month.

You can be sure he regrets it, now he has been rumbled and he faces a couple of years in the ‘clink’ might even share a cell with his colleague the right dishonourable MP David Chaytor who is serving 18 months for stealing taxpayers money. I think it’s about time the politicians were treated like normal members of society and held to account for lying and back-tracking on their promises.

Instead of being questioned by their old school chums and fellow rogues, they should be answerable to a committee of selected individuals from normal society. A nurse, a teacher an engineer etc. Any ill-gotten gains they have acquired should be seized by the courts and repossessed, property and assets forfeited and ploughed back into the community.

Britain is run by banana republic caricatures nowadays it seems, making us a laughing stock  in the eyes of the rest of the world. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a statesman as an elected leader, one with integrity and the good of the country and it’s people  as is number one priority.

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Dodgy Mobile Phone Companies

What a week I have had trying to get some sense out of that joke of a company, ‘Carphone Warehouse’ part and parcel of that internet provider ‘Joke Joke’ sorry meant Talk Talk.

I have one mobile phone that is hardly used, in fact it is used only for incoming calls. I had a contract on the phone and decided to change it topay as you go saving quite a monthly sum. When I did this Carphone Warehouse called me up and said that as a valued customer they would give me an 18 month contract at £5:99 per month and a few free minutes.

All is well until 22 months later, I check my bank statements and find that my previous 4 months with Carphone had risen to £20:99 per month. I called the company and asked them what was going on? I was informed that my contract was a special offer and after 18 months it reverted to a £20:99 per month account. I did ask them why they hadn’t informed me of this unexpected increase, after all I was going off their web statements.

“Will I be disconnected automatically?

You won’t be automatically disconnected when your contract ends unless you ask to leave. Your phone will keep working, and your network will carry on charging you the same amount of line rental each month for the same amount of inclusive minutes and texts.”{efa2aea0-e8be-11de-da00-000000000000}

Well they decided to ignore the above and kept avoiding the question, about my contract ending and their statement  that “my network will continue to charge the same amount.” Well I have not been able to resolve this issue yet and am thoroughly disgusted with this mickey mouse outfit. The downright misleading information on their website and to have a switchboard attendant deal with your query while asking someone behind her what to say is annoying. I switched to Virgin Mobile as a result of this and my good lady transferred her Broadband back to Sky from Talk Talk (on the cards anyway as the service was appalling).

The moral of the story is – if dealing with Carphone Warehouse, make sure you cancel your contract as you take it out, because if it is a special offer they will up the price without informing you. If you decide to complain you will get a total negative response, as if by divine right they can change pricing without your consent and refuse to discuss any refunds.

My opinion of Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk?  they are the sort of company that is dragging this country to it’s knees, greedy, unscrupulous tossers, that don’t give a monkees about customer service, no better than petty thieves . They get you to take out a contract for quite a lengthy period and will not inform you when it is ending, if you are on special offer they then will quadruple your line rental and hope you are like me, only checks their bank statements every few months. Even if you discover it after the first month, you will still have to pay the inflated prices before you can cancel or seek a cheaper deal.

Hope this little blog, warns people against this kind of dodgy dealing and deters you from companies like this one. Check out other companies because Talk Talk and Carphone are the pits.

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The World Cup Campaign

I was quite excited about the World Cup and expected England to do well. The build up during the qualifying stages gave me an optimism that was justifiable, after from a few hiccups and injury worries, all was well in the England camp.

The first game against the USA was a slow start but until the terrible blunder by Mr Green we gave a decent enough performance. It didn’t inspire me to dance around the streets, waving a flag or fill me with pride after a slick performance. Instead I felt that a 1-1 draw was not a disaster and would suffice, I was certain a far improved display was on the cards against Algeria.

The performance against Algeria was nothing but absolutely dire, it was cringe-worthy, my feelings towards Gerrard, Rooney and the rest was anger. How could these highly paid, supposedly cream of the English Premiership perform with such an insipid, gutless, inept display of football. I have seen far superior performances by players in leagues 3 divisions below this shower. Many of the teams in the World Cup had players from leagues that are inferior in quality than our own top league. Algeria included players from Portsmouth, Glasgow Rangers and Wolves. The England squad boasts several multi-millionaires, earning wages way beyond the average mans dreams, £150,000 per-week Mr Terry is reported to be on. How much is Mr Miserable (Rooney) on? It is way above £100,000 per week.

When I think about our troops in Afghanistan, earning the princely sum of average £20,000 per-annum to fight in a desert for the supposed defence of our nation. I think about the shirkers carrying the flag in the name of English football and wonder how such a bunch of livered specimens could be have gained such adoration amongst their fans. So the Algerian match was a disaster but not the end of the road yet. We still had the chance to make amends and pull out the stops with an inspiring display against Slovenia.

The Slovenia match was a breath of fresh air, a vast improvement on the last match. Although it wasn’t an overwhelming display of superiority, we could have scored 4 or 5 goals. We made chances and defended reasonably well, the defence looked shaky at times but Terry and Upson both played well. We ran out winners 1-0, finishing second in the Table behind the Americans, this result meant for the knock-out stages we would be playing the old enemy ‘The Germans’.

The stage is set ‘Bloemfontein’ 40,000 English voices singing the Anthem, I do think the English supporters are a magnificent bunch. Through thick and thin they suffer, continuing to endure the premature exits in international competitions, they weren’t to be let down.

What makes an England team play so badly, a team of class players for their own clubs. Why do they let themselves down when it comes to the big fixture? The defence were clueless and and were torn apart by a German side with the average age of 24. No-one in the England side played well, it was unfortunate that the disallowed goal happened but would it have changed anything? I can’t answer that, I can say that England didn’t have the will to win, the passion was missing, the tactics were wrong and the Germans left our defence out of position time and time again.

I was deflated watching the second half and mystified as to why a manager of such standing as Capello, could not organise this bunch of highly paid individuals into a winning team. It is 46 years since our National Team won anything and it will be another 46 years before we win anything again unless the set-up changes, the attitude of the players change and the structure of English football is changed. It could be a factor that the players them selves have no pride in their country, not many people in our country have much patriotism left.

The England shirt was something every footballer was proud to wear once upon a time. The team of 1966 are national heroes and will always be held in high esteem amongst the sports fans of this nation. The likes of Rooney, Lampard and Gerrard will be forgotten soon enough when they hang up their boots. Lets hope that they won’t be wearing the England shirt come the 2014 world cup, they let the people of this country down badly, not because they lost to a better team but because they played as if they didn’t give a toss for England, or the millions of English fans glued to their TV’s in homes throughout this Island and the World. The thousands that travelled to Africa to give them support, these fans got nothing back from the team to show them, that the team had winning on their mind and would fight for honour and the flag.

Next time we challenge for a competition , The Euro Championship in 2012, lets hope that we can field a team with belief, players that want to give their all for the country, a team with passion that inspire the fans. Sadly the overpaid prima-donnas that infest our game today appear only to be interested in promoting their image, fame and glamour, money and improved contracts.

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TFL takes over from Tube Lines

Richmond by the River

I am pleased about this piece of news regarding the take over by TfL from Tube Lines, having personally suffered for many a month because of weekend closures of the Jubilee Line and disruptions on the overground when travelling across London.

Quite often I travel between Twickenham and Brent at weekends and used to use public transport combinations. The most scenic and cheapest option for me would be a  journey combining Jubilee Line, Overground from Brondesbury to Richmond and then using SW trains for one stop to Twickenham. This used to be a pleasant journey and one that I enjoyed, that is until the maintenance disrupted uncounted journeys making travelling by these routes impossible,  constant weekend disruptions on the Jubilee and the overground railway made the journey  a non-viable option. The only option open to me was was the car, the North Circular, Chiswick roundabout and with a good run 40 mins after setting off I had arrived.

Reading this article – follow link below:

Boris Johnson today pledged to slash the number of disruptive evening and weekend closures on the Tube after securing a deal to bring some of the busiest Underground lines back under state control.

I congratulate Boris on making this happen and reversing a Brown failed initiative into one that will benefit the users of the London Transport systems.

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General Election

Twickenham - River at Dusk

I think I have become an unwavering cynic in recent years. What happened to the political statesmen that used to be a part of all political parties? The current crop of politicians appear to be of the manufactured type, created in a ‘School for Politicians’, Gordon Brown excluded of course who probably learned his vocation at the ‘Circus Performers Academy’.

I have had a number of leaflets littering my doormat in the last few weeks, delivered in envelopes without a postage stamp and addressed to me. All these envelopes contained similar messages, pointing out the misdeeds of the opposition and how untrustworthy the other camp had proved to be in the expenses scandal. Mainly misinformation, nothing of value, nothing dealing with important issues, the ever spiralling debt problem and increasing flood of immigrants and asylum seekers that have overun the area I live in.

My problem with choosing where to place my ‘X’ on the ballot paper is I cannot really see one candidate that has any special qualities. Nothing that inspires trust or confidence in me to rush out and be happy in the knowledge, that whoever gets my vote will be working to better my future and that of the country.

The media don’t help in matters either, since the date of the election was announced, TV channels have been completely taken over by experts and highly paid guests, giving us a run down on how the personalities of the leaders of parties are affecting the polls. I might be missing something in these many interviews and opinions but I don’t see anyone actually telling us how they are going to get this country out of the shit.

Where are the manifestos and strategies for getting this country stable and moving in a manner that inspires the population?, where is the political leader who is somewhat different than the opposition, who could make us believe that the country is now going to be in safe hands. That is not happening in my blinkered view, instead I see a bunch of lily-livered careerists whose only interest is in self-interest and gaining power for self-advancement.

I do hope that someday this country will get a great statesman as a leader, someone that demands respect not only from the population of the UK but from the rest of the planet, surely to put yourself forward as a candidate to lead a nation such as Britain then you should be a person somewhat above the ordinary, a person with dignity, morals and the leaderships qualities to get this country back on track and out of the hands of the global bankers and parasites that are bleeding this nation dry. Someone that tells us that this country is going to change and we as a nation will no longer be a puppet for manipulators of world affairs and global control.

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Welcome back me…..

I have been absent for ages and ages, mainly because of my amateur geek status. I have to administer my forum as well as this blog, the forum is at:

Well administering a forum is ok, when it’s just editing abusive comments. It’s a different ball game when you get invaded by spammers and bots, sometimes 50 a day, registering and posting links to ‘Viagra and porn sites’. It’s then that amateur geeks like me get very stressed and bewildered, especially when I look for support and am told (by real proper geeks) to do this and that to the php coding, then I despair and pack it all in.

So that is what happened to me, I had to close the forum for nearly a year, because I was failing miserably to control this invasion of cyber bandits taking over my forum. It was very disturbing, I mean what the hell do they gain from it, exposure of zero on the forum as I was continually banning them and deleting their spam.

Now I am happy to say I defeated the bastards and updated security and tackled the problem, only took about 8 months to master the techniques. Now it’s time to start on this blog, since I have been absent, about three new versions have been made available and I need to install the latest one, the bad news is I just read the upgrade information and I am baffled again.

Oh well, I will take it slowly and read it 25 times, then maybe my feeble geeky mind might grasp the complexities of ‘MySQL’ and databases.

I would love to be a proper geek someday, it would certainly save me lots of hours scratching my head.

Bye for now.

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