Bankers v Natural Disasters

I watched a TV programme the other night about what would happen if London was breached by the sea. The catastrophic results, similar to the New Orleans flooding would wipe out the Tube system for weeks if not months and cause unimaginable chaos.

What I found interesting was the enormous cost this act of nature would burden the people of this Island with – 50 Billion quid.

Now my point is, the Banking system of this country is costing us more than a catastrophic disaster of gigantic proportions could.

In my opinion the Bankers of this country that are partly to blame for this countries current crisis, should never be allowed to work with money again, they should be put on the ‘Money Offenders List’ and only be allowed to work in jobs that dealing with money was not a requirement.

Also if those same bankers who are responsible for the hardship and troubles the British people have now to suffer, caused solely by the incompetence and greed of those money men entrusted to guard this countries assets, have the nerve to take bonuses from the bail outs given by the taxpayer to save their asses, they should be locked away in Prison for a very long time along with the other thieves, robbers and worthless scum that inhabit this planet.

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Forum Spammers

I have a forum, internet forum that has not been active for some time. Last week I decided to resurrect it so I cleaned it up and opened it up for registration.

Since the last time I used it the cyber waves seem to have been overrun with ‘internet spammers’. These strange creatures seem to dwell in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, with a fair proportion from China.

What they do is register on your forum and leave a link either in their profile or in a message they post. The link will probably point to a cheap Viagra site or a sex site. What gain do these morons get for their efforts I ask, apart from being banned immediately with there IP address listed with spam control sites.

The internet is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t take long for the scum of the world to begin infesting it.

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I was always under the impression that the banking sector was a bastion of sober, dilligent fellows that held buckets full of money, all there just in case the country got into serious financial trouble.

What with bankers buying football clubs and Banks buying each other out on rescue deals while others go bust. Think I have lost faith somewhat in the capitalist dream. I am fortunate enough to be skint so all these shares losing value and billions wiped off the stock market, well quite frankly I couldn’t give a toss, hope it isn’t too painful on the unfortunate greedy bastards that might have to cut down on buying football clubs as hobbies.

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Footballers charged with burglary

Two Championship footballers have been charged with burglary in connection with the theft of items from a Portsmouth nightclub.

Southampton Football Club striker Bradley Wright-Phillips, 23, and winger Nathan Dyer, 20, will appear before Portsmouth magistrates on 8 July”.

Not much hope of getting away with this as they were caught on CCTV. The young football superstars who flaunt their wealth in peoples faces, go buy flash cars and demand incredible wages from football clubs, without showing any loyalty to anyone. Don’t know about you, but I find them the most obnoxious group of people on the planet along with talentless celebrities.

My verdict send them to prison for two years, Southampton FC should sack them immediately and the Football Association should give them a 5 year ban from the game.

On the bright side, MPs were today revealed to be asking for a 21 per cent pay rise – worth £13,180.
Their demand caused outrage on a day the economy fell deeper into crisis, with inflation bursting its official ceiling to hit 3.3 per cent.

Well what do you know, us peasants have to stick to the rules when it comes to pay rises ask the firemen and nurses, yet MPs can have a vote on their pay on July 3, opting for an increase that makes a joke of their pay rise policies for the rest of the nation.

Not much about Brent today, can’t see anything happening though as I stare vacantly through the window.

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Long time no post

Let’s see where was I up to in my moans about Brent, oh yes ‘Parking Permits’.

Well I can tell you for a fact that they haven’t come down in price, they haven’t gone up either. Everything else as though, food, petrol, cigs, beer, wiping your ass, the cost of soft toilet tissue risen by 30%, f88k you Sainsburys.

Cost of houses have fallen a bit, could end up less than three times what we can afford if the trend continues.

“More troops to Afghanistan”, Flash Gordon tells George Wya, we can afford it, money is no object to keep the Talaban from our beaches, they should apply properly like all the rest of the Terrorists do, through the immigration authorities we are a very obliging country when it comes to giving out social housing and British Citizenship to people that make the effort to learn our language.

Rant over, have a nice day.

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Parking Permits

Just been to buy some new ones – 100% increase since the last buy. I use these for workman that come to my place or for friends and family.

My street has never had a parking problem, Brent Council decided that to stop people from out of town parking and taking the tube into Central London the solution should be Residents Parking. So why are residents charged, when they could always park outside the house anyway?

Is the country now in the hands of untruthful, thieving crooks that masquerade as government spongers that reckon they are doing us a favour.

My opinion is, I would sack the lot of them and employ in their place the workforce that they sanctioned from amongst our new found friends (Eastern Europe), we could replace the council workers with minimum wage immigrants.

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