Lazy Sunday afternoon

Sunday inspires me to do nothing, traditionally a day of rest. Couch potato day, wouldn’t even bother getting dressed if it wasn’t for my addiction to nicotine, damn tobacco, why didn’t I get some last night?.

My ladies coming round in an hour, that means food, she is always hungry so I shall be fed, maybe I can persuade her to go get me some tobacco too, thank you lord for giving us women, may not have to take my dressing gown off after all, what bliss.

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Footie day is here again

Saturdays are a sort of non event in real world terms, it’s football day and I become totally immersed in statistics, live scores, live tables and updates. I suppose it’s an obsession really but I don’t give a monkeys, I tend to have a computer logged into 3 or 4 different sites and I switch from one to the other whilst watching sky sports.

If my team gets beat then I completely switch off from the event and pretend it never happened, my team is not the best in the world so it is a regular occurrence, the switching off I mean. When we win I usually go down the local to celebrate with a smug content feeling, a bit like having sex I suppose. I think I am a sad b**stard really.

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Peace and Tranquillity

I love peace and tranquillity, flowing streams, the sea, green fields and friendly people. When I was I boy I had a vision, hippy induced that I would live in a place where the world was at one with itself, surrounded by animals and humans that said good morning have a good day (not the cats and dogs the humans).

I spend lots of time in Twickenham and it is strange to feel secure and safe, everywhere you go there are policeman on the streets and CCTV cameras in abundance. People say hello, how are you, it is therapeutic and I never want to leave.

This evening I returned to Cricklewood and the insecurity returned, I can’t be assed to make an effort to say hello, I may be paranoid but I don’t think this is a friendly place, nobody gives way in traffic and the shopkeepers never smile or say thank you, there is an overwhelming ambiance of despair and greed, no community spirit or common goal. Sometime soon I will leave the area for good it is not a nice place to be.

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UK Urban Explorations

I have been trying for months to get some photos of the inside of Wembley Stadium, after repeated requests to the press office it was eventually denied because of of some obscure reason.Yesterday I came across these people, UK Urban Explorations, who went into the complex in the evening unchallenged and took some fantastic shots, so much for security at Wembley.
I have put a link to the thread.

Had to remove this link for now but the link above are some of the images.

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BBC and News agency’s

It appears to me that news only lasts until another story about, war, disease, the latest serial killer becomes the flavour of the month. Whatever happened to Robert Mugabe?, is he dead or still murdering people, the Norwich murders seems to have been buried along with the unfortunate victims.Last year we were threatened with millions being killed with “Bird Flu”, the biggest threat to society since the plague. I don’t know anyone that has even sneezed from this pandemic.

When the Tornado hit Kensal Rise, I went down there with my camera to find out about this phenomena and record some images for Brent Today website, I couldn’t get near the zone as a result of TV crews from Sky, ITN, BBC, Channel 4 and the rest being four deep behind the police cordons. What happened to the follow up?, the cost of reporting these events every 15 mins as the BBC seem to claim, must be astronomical, “we bring you updated news every 15 minutes” means absolutely nothing.

Listening to the BBC right this very minute, they are talking about China having to improve it’s human rights record. I was in China in 1969 and the world was telling Chairman Mao exactly the same crap, didn’t do any good did it.

If the news agency’s report something one minute and drop it the next (as I am listening to the news the BBC are saying that Diana’s death was a tragic accident), I heard that 7 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago six months ago, 3 weeks ago and today. Now I am listening to Sony selling 1 million play stations but they can’t keep up with demand, Wow! Sh*t, I won’t be able to sleep knowing that information, that’s terrible news. It’s about time the BBC told the real story, litter on Kilburn High Rd is still knee deep despite promises from Sarah Teather.

That’s the end of my daily rant. Got to turn off BBC 24 news before I launch the telly through the window.

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Candelight vigil for Jamil

For anyone interested.

On Wednesday 10th January local MP Sarah Teather will hold a candlelit vigil for Jamil opposite Downing Street with the el-Banna family, their friends and supporters, and representatives from Amnesty International. Sarah is urging as many people as possible to attend this vigil.

Local Liberal Democrat MP for Brent East Sarah Teather said:

“Next week is about sending a strong message to Tony Blair and George Bush. The Guantánamo Bay detainment camp violates every internationally recognised legal principle, and each day that Jamil el-Banna spends in illegal imprisonment brings more pain for his family here in Brent.

“It is outrageous that the Labour Government will not lift a finger to help my constituent. I hope that as many people as possible will join me opposite Downing Street on Wednesday. Together we can show the Government that they cannot treat a member of our community in this deplorable manner.”


Sarah Teather MP will be holding a candlelit vigil opposite Downing Street on Wednesday 10th January. Supporters are urged to arrive at 6pm for a 6:30pm start. The event is supported by Amnesty International and has the approval of the Metropolitan Police. Sarah Teather will provide candles and banners.

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